WV Laborers' District Council







 Laborers' Organizing Fund (LOF)

The Laborers' District Council is charged with the responsibility to unify all of the economic and other forces of the its affiliated Local Unions in its area. To effectuate and fulfill the objects of the International Union and to organize the unorganized.

The goal of the Laborers' Organizing Fund is to provide a level playing field for those choosing to participate in public works construction and educate workers on the benefits of seeking union representation while on the job.  The organization's fundamental purpose is to organize workers with the objective of improving the terms and conditions of their employment. Organizing new members is essential for maintaining and increasing the strength and bargaining power for the benefit of current as well as future members. LOF will monitor public construction projects for compliance of federal and state labor and prevailing wage laws, safety, and other workforce concerns.

For more information contact: organizewv@wvldc.org