WV Laborers' District Council


Wage and Fringe Benefit Rates:

State of West Virginia
Laborer Classifications:

 For the wage and fringe benefit rates, as determined by the Department of Labor, Davis-Bacon Division for each of the above classifications, please contact the local union in the area that has jurisdiction.

CLASS I - Blacksmith, Tunnel Driller, Tunnel Miner and Tunnel Foreman, Laborer Foreman, Mucker Chucker, Reinforcing Bar handler (structures), Toxic and Hazardous Wast Removal Laborer, Asbestos Abatement Laborer, Lead Base Paint Removal Laborer, Inside Laborer, Powderman, Laser Screed Operator, Cement Specialist and GPS Operator.

CLASS II - Pipe Layer (includes laser beam set-up), Form Setter (road), Drill Operator, Air Tool Operator, Grade Checker and Asphalt Raker, Vibrator Man, Whacker, Chainsaw Operator, Mortarman, Mason Tender, Blacksmith Helper, Cement Finisher Helper, Drill Helper, Powderman Helper, Waterproofer, Sheeter and Shorer, Placement of Lagging Pipelayer Helper, Bull-float Man, Pavement reinforcing Placer, Handyman, Signal Man, Greencutter, Georgia Power Buggie, Burner, Cement Blower Man, Bituminuous Hand Sprayer, Bork 250 Remote Control DitchWitch and Walk Behind Concrete Saw, Deckhand, Mulcher and Seeder (hand or machine), Fence Erector, Tree Trimmer, Labor Operating Bobcat on non-productive work, Labor Operating a Forklift and Casion Bottom Man.

CLASS III Flag Person, Watchman, Traffic Control Maintenance Person, Carpenter's Tender and General Laborer.